Ignite the Future of Flight

Join the AC, in partnership with the Region of Waterloo and NAVBLUE, in pioneering the next era of aerospace innovation. 


Aerospace, aviation, and aeronautics in the Region of Waterloo 


Home to one of the top 20 busiest airports in Canada, the Region of Waterloo International Airport, Waterloo Region is an emerging hub for aerospace and aviation innovation.  
Together, with the Region of Waterloo and NAVBLUE, we’re creating a new home at the AC for aerospace entrepreneurs to test, grow, and scale their startups through a proven accelerator program model.  

Your ideas can shape the future of aviation, pushing boundaries and propelling the sector to achieve new heights. 


Call for startups



Are you ready to revolutionize the skies?

We’re looking for the top 10 startups to collaborate with the AC and the Region of Waterloo to drive innovation in the aerospace, aviation, and aeronautics sectors. 

From cutting-edge propulsion systems to game-changing materials, the sky's the limit.  

If you're a startup looking to disrupt the aerospace industry, this challenge is your launchpad to rapid growth and industry disruption. 

How it works 

Selected startups will participate in 9 months of high-intensity programming. While in the program, you’ll have the opportunity to: 

  • Elevate your ideas with expert guidance through one-to-one mentorship from industry experts and leaders who have shaped the aerospace domain.  
  • Access our award-winning education curriculum and investor network to help you proactively navigate the challenges of entrepreneurship 
  • Test your tech at the Region of Waterloo International Airport for testing where appropriate 
  • Access NAVBLUE's global network of industry experts and customers 
  • Leverage up to $500,000 of in-kind perks and discounts from partners like AWS, Google for Startups, HubSpot, and more 
  • Collaborate for global impact through an exclusive demo day with an international network of investors, airport operators, and corporate partners to mark the conclusion of the program 


Applications for the Aerospace Accelerator Program are now closed.  

Programming will begin in March of 2024 and conclude in November 2024.  

We’re looking for the top 10, industry-disrupting technologies from across Canada. However, preference will be given to founders whose startups are in or have a strong connection to Waterloo Region.  

The Aerospace Accelerator Program is proudly supported by the Region of Waterloo and NAVBLUE.  



If you have any questions, feel free to reach at info@acceleratorcentre.com.